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Rocco Siffredi starts a wine production

Rocco Siffredi starts a wine production

Rocco Siffredi becomes wine producer

Sorry for the quality of the image. No scanner was available today, so I had to take a pic with my cellular.

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Angela Merkel and the rescue plan for Cyprus

Angela Merkel and the rescue plan for Cyprus

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Ueli Maurer, the next President of Switzerland

Ueli Maurer talks to the medias further to his election of this morning

Ueli Maurer talks to the medias further to his election of this morning

Actually, he did not held these words in this exact order,

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Rajoy sells Spain

Rajoy to grant a residence permit to any foreign citizen willing to purchase real estate for a value of EUR 150’000

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France: Copé vs Fillon

Who really won the elections for the Presidence of the French Conservative Party?

Marine Le Pen (FN, extreme conservative party) may be the only winner of the incredible dispute between both candidates, François Fillon, former Prime Minister of Sarkozy, and Jean-François Copé, both self-proclaimed winners.

I have been absent during one week. Thank you for your visits despite of the lack of new posts, during this time. Please remember that you can subscribe by e-mail, or RSS, so that « Mr. WordPress » who hosts this website keeps you informed of the new posts, or to like my facebook page. Anyways, when I returned from holidays, I discovered the incredible mess about the elections of the new President of the French Conservative Party, after the departure of Sarkozy.


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French Tax Officers spy unlawfully their nationals on Swiss territory (II)

Eric Stauffer (MCG Party) was hit hard by the news on French spies and seeks some consolation from Oskar Freysinger (UDC, SVP Party).

If you missed the first episode, click here.

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French Tax Officers spy unlawfully their nationals on Swiss territory

Ueli Maurer, Chief of the Federal Security Department, talks about the unlawful investigations of the French Tax Authorities on Swiss territory.

According to yesterday’s Matin Dimanche edition, Officers of the French Tax Authority are unlawfully chasing their nationals on Swiss territory. These breaches of the Swiss national sovereignty are known by the Swiss General Attorney, who does not seem very proactive at arresting them, according to this newspaper.

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Banking secrecy is dead

Sergio Ermotti, UBS’ CEO, together with Eveline Widmer Schlumpf, current Swiss President and former CEO, Marcel Ospel.

Sergio Ermotti, CEO of UBS, posing as the Mr Clean of the Swiss finance, tried to justify in a recent interview (http://www.tdg.ch/economie/Le-secret-bancaire-comme-il-y-a-dix-ans-c-est-fini/story/13260998), the lay-offs by UBS, which would in fact be due to the Savings Tax Directive, but forgetting about the “contribution” of UBS since 2007, previously managed by Marcel Ospel. Mrs Eveline Widmer Schlumpf, current President of Switzerland, applauses in an earlier interview of today, these layoffs as well as the fact that the Swiss finance is progressively shrinking  (http://www.tdg.ch/economie/eveline-widmerschlumpf-salue-suppressions-postes/story/24421271).


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