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Seth MacFarlane’s Academy Awards Ceremony

Seth's MacFarlane Academy Awards Ceremony

This is an adaptation of my cartoon published earlier today in French here. The two guys below, Laurent Weil and Didier Allouch, are probably unknown to the non-French speaking audience, unless you noticed them desperately failing to interview almost every single star on the red carpet.


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Horsemeat lasagnas scandal expands

Horsegate expands

Horsegate expands

My previous cartoon about the horsemeat scandale here.

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Horsemeat Lasagnas Scandal


Not sure that horsemeat is the worse that you can find in frozen products

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Ueli Maurer, the next President of Switzerland

Ueli Maurer talks to the medias further to his election of this morning

Ueli Maurer talks to the medias further to his election of this morning

Actually, he did not held these words in this exact order,

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China: polemic passport

China irritates his neighbors with its new passport, which includes in a map territories that are claimed by other countries.

You can read about this on the Foreign Policy Blog.

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Copé vs Fillon (II): Sarkozy suggests a new poll

Former President Sarkozy suggests to organize a new election, in order to solve the dispute between the two enemies…sorry, candidates.

My cartoon of last week regarding the results of the election, here. Surprising to note that Marine Le Pen waited one week before taking advantage of the mess within the UMP Party.

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Rajoy sells Spain

Rajoy to grant a residence permit to any foreign citizen willing to purchase real estate for a value of EUR 150’000

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