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France: Copé vs Fillon

Who really won the elections for the Presidence of the French Conservative Party?

Marine Le Pen (FN, extreme conservative party) may be the only winner of the incredible dispute between both candidates, François Fillon, former Prime Minister of Sarkozy, and Jean-François Copé, both self-proclaimed winners.

I have been absent during one week. Thank you for your visits despite of the lack of new posts, during this time. Please remember that you can subscribe by e-mail, or RSS, so that « Mr. WordPress » who hosts this website keeps you informed of the new posts, or to like my facebook page. Anyways, when I returned from holidays, I discovered the incredible mess about the elections of the new President of the French Conservative Party, after the departure of Sarkozy.


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Increase of the robberies close to the border between France and Switzerland

Increase of the robberies in Switzerland, close to the French border

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